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Overview Of Game

ludo supreme gold apk

Ludo Supreme Gold was developed and launched by Ludo Star and Ludo Supreme Gold & Dice Game Six. The classic superstar board game is a brand new ludo game that is free to play and can be played between friends and family.

Details of Ludo Supreme Gold Apk Mod 

Last UpdatedOct  21, 2021
Apk Size21M
DeveloperTeam Ludo Supreme
CategoryFree Board App
App PackageSupreme

Ludo Supreme Gold Apk 

Ludo Supreme Gold Board Game is a simple and fun game where players throw dice where we can play in four stages, and more people can play they move their pieces through.

Ludo Supreme is an exciting mod version of Ludo. Instead of using the old Ludo board of Ludo Supreme Gold, it takes your player on a new adventure with Ludo, which can be released for Android users to enjoy on mobile devices.

Ludo supreme gold apk can play in android mobile also, having to get it for mobile device, each player in a total time limit of 15 seconds per turn. You don’t have to roll the dice to get the opponents to get cubes from blank space. Hey, everyone loses the symbol profound.

Unless you miss three turns without rolling before time runs out, then it’s game over. You will have access to the chat room. Feel the urge to rubbish while playing against other players. If the koi misses his move three times within 10 minutes, these players will be automatically lost.

A few rules of the Game:

  • Each player’s four tokens have already been placed in their start spots. To begin the game, you don’t have to roll a number six. Simply press the button to begin playing.
  • A two-player game lasts about eight minutes, while a four-player game takes about ten minutes.

Quick and simple cash withdrawal 

  • Visit the Ludo Supreme wallet and Enter the amount of your withdrawal Then enter the Bank. 
  • Account number or UPI You will then receive your money instantly.

Screenshot of Supreme Gold

How to Download  Ludo Supreme Apk from Ocean of games website

Download Ludo Supreme Gold Apk: A step-by-step guide for downloading and installing the latest version of this popular game on your device.

Step 1. Search button in Ocean Of games website (link below). After clicking it, type “Ludo Supreme Gold Apk” into the search bar at the top right corner or click the search icon available.

Step 2. Download apk file from the site directly under the Games Green colour Download Button.