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Game Overview

Astral Chian is an action-adventure game developed by Platinum Games It directed by Takahisa Taura, It published by Nintendo Switch. It was released on 30th August 2019. Are you looking for another adventure game? If yes then henry stickmin collection download for your pc.

Seeing Astral Chain moving might be what gets your attention, however, the agile execution of assaults is something you need to understanding for yourself. Astral Chain conveys satisfying, active, and innovative battle that goes past sort shows – and it holds that fervor from beginning to end.

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Astral Chain Gameplay Trailer

Astral Chain Gameplay

Astral Chain game comes in different forms and it able that are used for puzzle-solving fighting. Include game: sword-based with the swift blade attacks it can be used to interrupt enemy attacks, Legion powerful punches it can move large objects it embedding it into object and player can ride automatically. Combat takes place players can control a legion it has them fight automatically perform finishing moves, It also uses zip line allows the player of enemies.

Also required a prayer who is pressing the left trigger it can extend combos, blind enemies, it is Recover from a fall. the player has their Legion for a short time while recovering health and also many amounts of damage. Players unlock the IRIS tool from the environment and search for clues. It challenges that reward the player with Money, and XP photo filters.

Players may decide to play past parts from their work area at the Neuron Headquarters toward the start of each new section. The player can likewise come back to this zone to keep up and modify their Legions, tweak their character, and communicate with other players. Missions to respond to chimera contact with a former pupil of against UNION. 

Astral Chain System Requirements

  • Operating System: Need Windows 7, Windows 8 or 10
  • Processor: Need i7-3770
  • Graphics Card:  AMD equivalent
  • RAM Memory: Need 8 GB RAM
  • Sound Card: YES

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