Best Auto Clickers for Android 2022

Are you looking for a reliable auto clicker for Android? Don’t worry; we got 5 for you. 

Auto Clicker is the best way to automate tasks that requires heavy tapping on the screen. You can find a lot of windows software to automate mouse clicks, but there are not enough responsive auto clickers when it comes to Android devices. An auto clicker must have a floating control panel that controls automation for smartphones and tablets because there aren’t any shortcut buttons available on smartphones. 

In this post, we have listed the five best auto clickers for Android smartphones and tablets. We have also included the best features of these apps. All of them are available on the Play Store. 

Let’s get started. 

Top 5 Auto Clickers for Android 2022

1. Quick Touch

Quick Touch is one of the reliable auto clickers for Android smartphones and tablets. It seamlessly clicks and swipes on any location you target on your device’s screen at whatever interval you choose. Quick Touch is available in the Play Store. You can download it for free and start using it without any root access required. 

Best Auto Clickers for Android

Once you install it, you must enable app access from the settings. Inside the app, you will see two auto-clicking options – single target mode and multiple target mode. Single target mode allows the app to tap on a particular location on your mobile screen. With Multiple target modes, you can set multiple locations for tapping that too on different intervals. After setup, a floating panel will appear on the screen that controls the auto clicker. 

Features of Quick Touch 

  • No root access required 
  • Compatible with incremental games 
  • No limits on automated clicks 
  • Multiple tapping and swiping options 
  • Easily operable floating panel 

2. Click Assistant 

Click Assistant is another popular auto clicker that is used by most gamers. The features of the app are similar to Quick Touch. But it has a pinch and curves swipe automation which makes it different from others. You can set the delay time between multiple gestures. You can also modify the duration of each tap and loop. 

Click Assistant doesn’t require root access to use it. The app design is minimal and user-friendly. You can record gestures and save them as scripts to use later. Once you set up a script, you can manage automation with a floating control panel provided by the app. With the panel, you can add pointers or change the location of the pointers precisely within a game. It has an anti-detection feature that makes sure you won’t get caught. 

Click Assistant Features

  • No root access required 
  • Curve swipes and gestures automation 
  • Easily controllable floating panel
  • Anti-detection features
  • Record and save scripts 

3. Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap

Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap is a simple yet powerful auto clicker. The app contains straightforward configuration and setup. All you have to do is set a location on your device’s screen at predefined intervals, and the app will do the rest. The app is free and works smoothly with all apps (full screen). 

Best Auto Clickers for Android

Like Quick Touch, it has two modes – single and multiple target modes. If you are playing a clicker game that requires multiple clicking at the same time, multiple target mode is the best option. You can set 7-8 pointers at different clicking locations with different intervals. Then with a floating control panel, you can control the automation. You can also add or remove pointers if needed. 

Features of Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap

  • The auto clicker is compatible with almost every app
  • No root required 
  • Simple user interface 
  • Multiple targets allowed simultaneously 
  • Floating control panel for easy control on the screen 

4. E-Robot

E-Robot is an automation application that allows your device to execute commands automatically. Auto clicking is one of the fully-operable functions of E-Robot. You can create a command and specify which actions to execute at given times. There are more than 170 events and commands available that you can execute. Furthermore, more than 150 actions are available for each command. 

It has a basic auto clicker configuration if we talk about its auto-clicking feature. You can set a position for clicking on any app and set a time interval between two clicks. After this command, you can set the action with a number of clicks (or unlimited). You can start right away from the app. You can set a timer to stop the automation or stop it from the E-Robot app. 

Features of E-Robot

  • 170+ parameterized event types
  • 150+ action types
  • It executes and evaluates JavaScript
  • No root access required 
  • Command execution is triggered manually using shortcuts
  • Automates commands and actions precisely  

5. MacroDroid

MacroDroid is not your average auto clicker. It not just automatically clicks but also automates many other tasks on Android devices. After installing the app, you can automate data, Wi-Fi, profiles, backups, and many more. 

Best Auto Clickers for Android

MacroDroid offers a straightforward user interface. To start an operation, you just have to select a trigger among 70 triggers such as device status, location-based, sensor triggers, etc. After that, choose an action that you want to automate and configure if you want. Then simply press the start button and enjoy the automation. Most of the functions are free to use, but if you want, you can upgrade it to a premium version. The pro version has a few premium functions along with no limitations on macros. 

Features of MacroDroid

  • Optimize your daily workflow with automated commands
  • 70+ triggered-based commands are available
  • Fully functional auto clicker
  • Text-to-speech command option
  • Unique user interface with a setup guide
  • No root access required 


So these were the five best auto clicker and automation apps for Android devices. Each of them is free to use. In most cases, auto clickers are just used to imitate taps on devices. But in this list, you will find auto clickers that can record gestures & swipes and go beyond tapping. 

Auto Clickers are mostly used for gaming. But sometimes scammers use it for click-fraud. That’s why click fraud is considered a severe offence. That’s why these applications mustn’t be used for such purposes.

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