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poly bridge 2

Poly Bridge 2 is a game developed and released by Dry Cactus. It was released in June 2020 for Windows, Mac and Linux. It uses the Unreal Engine as its main engine, as its predecessor did. Still, now, it also supports several other platforms, such as Linux, macOS and Microsoft Windows. The developers have done a great job to make this game an entertaining and challenging experience.

Poly Bridge 2 trailer

Poly Bridge 2 gameplay

The basic premise of Poly Bridge 2 is that you are the lead character, trying to solve puzzles while avoiding dangerous obstacles. You can find several different types of objects around the map that will give you clues on how to solve the puzzles, but it is up to you to find and use them. Each level is made of multiple levels, each of which has its own set of obstacles to solve—the level layout changes according to the next one that you reach. You can also go back to a previous level if you lose a life.

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You need to save yourself from the prison of the evil scientist Dr Evil, so you can go through the levels to do so. The levels are quite short, but they are filled with many exciting elements. One example is a fire extinguisher, which you can use to put out the flames in burning areas, while also reducing your energy level, so you don’t get tired quickly.

There are several different types of obstacles to get past, including lava, traps and monsters. All of these features make each level extraordinarily challenging and exciting. If you can avoid them or manage to avoid them well. You can complete the game without spending too much time in one stage. But if you do end up having to face these creatures or enemies. They will most likely prove to be quite challenging for you.The game can be a little frustrating at times, but it does provide an excellent challenge to people who have played the original version of Poly Bridge, and those who haven’t yet.


The storyline is not as involved, but the graphics are awe-inspiring, and the level layouts look beautiful, making this game a real treat for anyone who likes to play video games that are well designed.

The developers did a great job to make the game fun and challenging for the player, which is why the game has gained much popularity, even though it might not have received much support from major gaming companies. It is still a great game, so it is worth your time to give it a try.

System requirements for Poly Bridge 2

  • OS: 10
  • Processor: 64-bit
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 3D Capable Graphics Card
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 500 MB available space
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