WoWR vs WoWC: What’s the Difference Anyway?

WoWR vs WoWC: What's the Difference Anyway?

Time to see the year out with a bang and to change up to rhythm for 2023. We will discuss WoW Retail and WoW Classic, asking the age-old question; which is better? We will discuss graphics, world maps, and much more. All of this will help us to conclude in due time; which game reigns supreme! Before we get into the action, ensure you’re prepared for anything by purchasing some WoW gold at unbeatable prices! Now, onto the competition!

Where did it start? And where are we now? 

If you need to become more familiar with the game, you may have an impression that many others have; WoW is a bright, friendly, quick, and exciting game you can instantly immerse yourself in! However, the reality is that the original game was far more intense than that, genuinely testing players’ skills and pushing them to grind their way to higher levels. The current version of WoW is more laid back, allowing even those lacking in the game’s lore to enjoy themselves. 

The Original WoW was riddled with patches, which is why it was replaced with a less intensive version. However, this changed in 2019 when fans pleaded with Blizzard to provide them with the nostalgia they craved; thus, World of Warcraft Classic was born! 

This game version was unpatched and unexpanded, widely considered the “vanilla edition” of the 2004 WoW. However, there was still an influx of players. Old School players and newcomers could enjoy the game, soaking up the nostalgia or getting a glimpse into the past.  

So, now that we have touched on some differences let’s move on to the more intensive changes. This guide should provide you with all the insight you need to make your final decision; WoWR or WOWC?

World of Warcraft Lore and Worlds 

Classic WoW

The 2004 installment of WoW is set in the mystical realm of Azeroth. A place where humans, elves, dwarves, and an abundance of other races have formed an alliance against the Hordes of Orcs, the undead, and several other foul monsters from the Outland. 

Azeroth was initially divided into two continents, Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. Each serves as an arena where players can fight, creating the setting for classic WoW. 

WoW Retail 

This version saw vast growth in lore and the game’s world map. Each expansion adds new maps, continents, and even worlds from years ago. With news that there are struggles within both factions, and new races being introduced to the Alliance and Horde, there is even more excitement to be had. By introducing these new expansions, players have new gameplay options and character mechanics, giving the game a feeling of completion.


Now that we’ve checked out the land and the lore, let’s look at the gameplay. Eight expansions have been introduced since its beginning, introducing their locations, races, and mechanics. Because of these expansions, some players who have joined the game in later years may find the 2004 version a little bland. 

However, this opinion is arguable. Due to the introduction of so much in the expansions, some old-school players find that the games’ later installments have lost their edge. 

The current version of WoW takes very little or even no MMORPG experience for players to enjoy. Instead, the game is filled with masterfully crafted experiences for players to enjoy without background. At the same time, the Classic version of the game offers players more of a challenge to sink their teeth into. To succeed in WOWC, you’ll have to work for it; leveling is a crucial part of the game, so if you’re looking for laid-back gameplay, this might not be for you. WoW, Retail will be more up your alley if that is the case, as you can dive straight into the action, enjoying a more laid-back gaming experience without dedicating all of your time to skills. 

Keep in mind, however, that those looking for a straightforward gaming experience may find that the excessive content can get in the way of the storyline itself. visit the ocean of games official site where you can find out more games for you.


Players of the current World of Warcraft will know how colorful the game is, with spells and attacks brimming with effects. Even the character skins are individual and attractive to the eye. WoW Retail has an unmatched and unique style that sets it miles apart from other MMORPGs. 

Classic WoW, however, looked nothing like its successor. Due to it being now an 18-year-old game, I’m sure you can imagine how different things were at the time of its release, as some of the graphics, colorations, etc., were not available. This gives the game a slight raggedness, though many claim that this sets it further apart from its expansions, providing a sense of nostalgia to players. 

How were the games received? 

In 2019, it was noted that WOWC received highly positive reviews and that the game’s original version remained relevant even after all this time. 

As for WoWR, it, too, received relatively positive feedback from fans and reviewers alike. Furthering the question, who is best?! WoWR or WoWC?

And the winner is…Drum roll, please! 

The truth is, it’s up to you! We’ve provided you with some much-needed insight into the lore, maps, gameplay, and much more; now, it’s for you to decide. Both versions of the game are well-loved and have an ever-growing fan base, meaning whichever you choose; you’re sure to become part of a great clan! 

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