Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV

Overview Of Final Fantasy XV

Get ready to be in the middle of the latest Final Fantasy XV, available for Windows PC on OceanOfgames.

linked by your nearby friends on the road trip of a lifetime through an awesome open world and a picture of the countryside and also encounter larger-than-life creatures on your journey. and convert your fatherland from an incredible enemy.

In this game for pc an action-packed attack system, the power of your founder to warp easily through the air in exciting action and together with your colleague, master the art of defense magic and group-based attacks.

The power of hateful-edge technology for Windows PCs, extra support for better-resolution displays.and the amazing and faithfully-design knowledge of this game it will discover like never before.

Some screenshots of Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV GamePlay

Final Fantasy XV Gameplay is a world activity role-playing game. that were players can take the force of the main idol Noctis Lucis Caelum and as his journey beyond the world.

His three companions Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto, Noctis is the sole character directly controlled by the player.

And also he could browse through easy motion, leap over small barriers, sprint for a restricted time, and carry out context-based activities like taking cover behind items.

The Realm of Lucis is a Big connected landmass Which Can Be explored on foot.

with the party’s Automobile”Regalia”, or chocobos, recurring galliform birds from the Final Fantasy Collection.

Final Fantasy XV Review

I thought I was done with Final Fantasy XV.

Following FF13 and its sequel, I had pretty much sworn never to play another one. I could not face another idol, yet another round of endless cut-scenes, yet another mythical, overly-difficult plot.

Even Lightning Returns could not convince me to come back. So trust me once I tell you that what I will tell you next came impossible a week past. And that is despite several fairly irritating defects.

The brand new action-oriented real-time attack system may be amazing, but it is dependent upon a camera that spends all its time losing your enemies and the activity altogether.

Final Fantasy XV System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7, 8(64-bit) or higher.

Primary Memory: 8GB(RAM)

CPU: Intel Core i5 or better.

Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R9 280 or higher.

Hard Drive Space: 100GB or better

Sound Card: Yes, you required a Sound card also.

Other: Mouse, keyboard, gamepad support

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