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ARMA 3 is a new open-world game that is based on a military tactical shooter game and is developed by Bohemia interactive. It was released for Microsoft Windows and later announced for Linux in August 2015. This game is a single and multiplayer game.

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ARMA 3 Gameplay Trailer

ARMA 3 GamePlay

ARMA 3 takes a place on the island of the Aegean Sea and the island of Tanoa. The main features of the game are photo-realistic and water environments. The ARMA 3 Game series has the largest ground area available approximately 100 sq mi. It has a smaller island and expands the area. The single-player campaign takes control during the infiltration mission and large scale operations. Players are able to choose various options and weapons and their play style.

The game’s first story intended The IDAP camp and attack from bandits and the second story of the game is FIA fighter it from Oreokastro announced plans to the town. CSAT is a special force and designated FIA position in town. In the third story, The casing was on site and it implied the special forces in the team. The Fourth story will make Kouris brother and it was heavily injured by Air Strike. It defends two towns, a church, and landmines. They have attacks and extract. The final story of the game major Gavras has forces pushed back to themselves. The landmines are used for self-defense, with the attack in the assault and killed by landmines.

The ARMA 3 game has major Pacific crime syndicate power to the rose on Tanoa. Finding rapid to investigate. Conducts have different operations against SYndikat and it captures Syndicate. In this game operation to capture a raider and it finds ambush to the Special force. Which ambush by CSAT.

ARMA 3 Game System Requirements [ Minimum]

  • Operating System: Windows 7(64-bit)
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM Required
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT
  • Free Disk Space: 20 GB RAM
  • Sound Card: Yes

ARMA 3 Game System Requirements [ Maximum]

OS: Windows 10 [64-bit]
Processor: Intel Dual-Core 2.4 GHz or AMD Dual-Core Athlon 2.5 GHz
Hard Drive: 64 GB available space
Video Card: 1 GB, NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT / AMD Radeon HD 5670
DirectX: 10

ARMA 3 Game FAQs

1] How to download arma 3 full game for free ?

First You can search our Website name and After you can Get Download Button click on that you download Full Game Arma 3 for free.

2] How do you get Arma 3 for free?

you can simply┬ávisit the, and fire your mouse click at the green “Install” button.

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