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The Constructor game is a video game that was released in 1997. First, it was released in MS-DOS after it was released on different platforms like PS, MS Windows, and macOS. Also, it was developed by Acclaim Entertainment. It was a real-time Strategy Game.

Constructor Gameplay Trailer

Constructor Gameplay

The Constructor is a simulator and strategic game, the main goal of the game is to drive other players. And the player can use teams of workers and players can build facilities for manufacturing materials. And it will build the houses and it will pay the rent and fund the company and it will build homes for gangsters who work with the enemy. This is the option on level 1 or level 2 and also gives you city residents income in your city and it has the Bank Loans in the city.

Glass House gives you the total no of limits on levels means you can give an Annual Lump and you have a 2% bonus on your total assets and after ┬ż tenants in your breed and also it has unlimited levels 3 and 4 plus. It allows the player to manage construction and you have to manage your corporation and players are allowed to make sure you have to get competition. Also, You have to create housing and workers. And progress for hiring new workers to construction in better education and capturing the buildings.

Also, you will get schools, hospitals and buildings and you have to need all the operations which you make out without getting any difficulty on multiplayer options. This game is the best real-time game; it has lots of unique gameplay styles. It has lots of content and has an interesting and electric tagline.

Constructor System Requirement

  • Operating System: Windows 7,8 or more
  • Processor: Intel Core i3
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM Required
  • Graphics Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
  • Free Disk Space: 10 GB Space Required

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