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Dead Rising

Dead Rising is a series of open-world games and also it was a horror game and it will create Keiji Inafune. This game was developed by Capcom Vancouver. The game series 13 million sold the whole world. This game was released on 8th August 2006. Dying light 2 free download to play horror games.

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Dead Rising Gameplay Trailer

Dead Rising Gameplay

This game will display a health bar and it has a number of zombies to kill and telling much time and mission when it becomes unavailable. The game works as scheduled happens in the city it was infected by hordes of zombies and it displayed on the screen. The fighting system consists of using everything and all items in the game can be used very effectively and constantly break different weapons. Dead Rising 2 is the introduction of a “Combo Weapons”, where players can use some lightsabers and it has a flashlight with the jewelry. It will also create motorcycles with two chainsaws.

Players can perform several missions which consist of Dead Rising the main story to survivors to safe houses and also fighting with each other criminally insane and their own purpose.   It will take advantage of the health bar and unlock melee combos. Also, you can customize the players for different clothes around the mall and Megaman cosplay.
The main story of the game has many features, multiple endings only the way of the ending all the game can except Dead Rising 4 co-op multiplayer in the story mode and it including multiplayer mode. It has 4 parts like 1)Dead Rising 2)Dead Rising 2 3)Dead Rising 3 4) Dead Rising 4. After that, it was re-released Dead Rising Collection and Dead Rising Triple Pack. and after it was released for mobile.

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