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Overview of Video Games

Download and play the best free Android games.ocean of games provides you to high-quality games under 50 MB for mobile.its offers you to download free.  

we have devoted yourself to bringing the best free full form games to gamers. Throughout the years, we have gathered an immense library of free full form games. Be the victor of various thrilling races or travel back so as to your preferred exemplary games, there will be a game for you. Enjoy your free games for Android.

There are some games list

Introducing lightweight Android games encourages you from different points of view, they won’t slack a lot, they won’t hinder your Android telephones and take less space and sets aside less effort to download.

  1. Tap Tap Dash
  2. Brain Dots
  3. Jungle Adventures
  4. Chain Reaction
  5. Rail Rush

Here we Discuss of these games in details

1.Tap Tap Dash :

Tap Tap Dash

This 16 MB lightweight Android game is one the best game to kill your time. You can open new characters for every 25 levels. Tap Dash is an addictive lightweight Android game with a lot of levels. The current update also contained 4 new characters making the game all the more intriguing. In the ongoing renew designers of this lightweight Android game with 150 additional levels making 400 altogether.


2.Brain Dots :

Brain Dots

You have to make the red ball or blue ball contact the other way around. Brain Dots is created with basic rationale with numerous highlights. It likewise gives the alternative to record or take the screen capture of the rationale you applied. In case you’re great at material science, this game is exceptionally simple for you. No time limit and no restrictions to your creative mind. 


 3.Jungle Adventures

Jungle Adventures

It is safe to say that you are prepared to review your best-beloved recollections with this lightweight Android round of 8MB?The inventor of this game paid mind to our emotions and coded a game that looks almost like Mario.

How might we overlook Mario? Much obliged for Mario for making our youth great. 


 4.Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction is the best time executioner and multiplayer lightweight Android game.

In the event that you are in school and class is damn exhausting, quickly start playing chain reaction with your seatmates. It is exceptionally difficult to foresee who is winning.


5.Rail Rush

Rail Rush

It is safe to say that you are prepared for a bold ride? Rail Rush is a mix of Temple Run and Subway Surfers. Get into the truck and gather pearls by tilting your gadget left/right and make the most ideal score. Trust me, you will love the mood melodies of this lightweight Android game.


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