Grand Theft Auto 1 Download For PC Free (Full Version)

gta 1 download
gta 1 download

Download GTA 1 for PC, set up the game through a single direct link on Windows. Grand Theft Auto (GTA-1) from 1997 offers an action-packed adventure.

Overview of Grand Theft Auto 1 Download For PC

DMA Design, now recognized as Rockstar Games, developed Grand Theft Auto 1 and it was published by BMG Interactive. Originally released for Microsoft Windows in October 1997, it marks the inaugural installment in the renowned game series. In this edition, a group of criminals immerses themselves in three fictional US cities, engaging in various criminal activities such as assassinations and bank robberies. Explore the origins of this iconic game series, showcasing the inception of criminal escapades. For a similar experience, you can also explore the option of downloading GTA IV Complete Edition.

The GTA 1 PC Game comprises six levels, each divided into three fictional cities. Players are assigned tasks to complete, earning points to progress to the next level. Each level presents unique missions and features, initiated by a telephone box at the start. With a roster of eight playable characters, including four males and four females, players navigate the city freely, accumulating points by causing destruction. Various tasks carry different point values, with more challenging missions yielding higher rewards. Players can engage in activities such as stealing a police car and running over pedestrians. The three fictional cities within the game are Liberty City (based on New York City), San Andreas (based on California), and Vice City (based on Miami). For a similar gaming experience, consider downloading GTA San Andreas.

Features of GTA 1

  • Impressive action and adventure game.
  • First edition of the world acclaimed GTA series.
  • Consists of six challenging levels.
  • Three fictional cities included which are Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas.
  • Got 8 playable characters.
  • Players are free to move in the city.

Screenshot For GTA 1 Download For PC

gta 1 download
gta 1 download
gta 1 download

How to Download & Install Grand Theft Auto 1 For PC Full Version

  1. Select the Download option below, and you’ll be directed to the next download page.
  2. Wait for 5 seconds, then click the ‘download’ button. Allow the download to commence and patiently wait for its completion.
  3. Once the GTA 1 download is finished, right-click on the .zip file and choose “Extract to GTA 1 full” (Ensure you have 7-Zip installed, available here).
  4. Navigate to the Grand theft auto 1 folder, double-click it, and launch the exe application.
  5. Enjoy your gaming experience! Remember to run the game as an administrator. In case of any missing DLL errors, check for a Redist or _CommonRedist folder and install all the programs located within that folder.

Grand Theft Auto 1 Download Information

Click on the button to start GTA 1 Download the game using the direct pre-installed link below. Effortlessly install this game and enjoy playing. 

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