Most Epic Slot Productions Inspired by Top RPG Video Games

Epic RPGs That Are Honored with iGaming Adaption

Online casinos and game developers are ever on the look for something new to add a sense of novelty and intrigue. This is why there’s such a staggering array of themes, backdrops, gameplay mechanics, and art styles for online slots. Varying from the frequently picked likes of Egyptian, Greek, and Norse mythology to more niche areas such as major league sports and soccer, new themes are always popping up. One small area, which is growing, is that of MMORPG-inspired slots. Not only are these games big business in the traditional sense, but players can also watch eSports as professional video gamers compete live in this new sporting category.

Why RPGs Grab the Imagination

RPGs (role-playing games) are one of the biggest genres in the video game industry and have been for around half a century now. Essentially telling a story, they range from games with huge open worlds but relatively few important decisions, such as Skyrim, to games with altogether more impactful choices like The Witcher 3. They can be deadly serious or utterly silly (there’s some great comedy in the innovative Shadow Hearts: Covenant). Ultimately, RPGs are one of the kings of the gaming world because they put together storytelling with interactivity, and their length can mean enormous and epic tales can be not merely told but participated in. There’s a broad enough scope to cover every desire, with some, like Dragon’s Dogma and Kingdoms of Amalur, including fantastic combat systems, while others focus on in-depth world-building. In the near future, at the time of writing, both FFXVI and Baldur’s Gate 3 are due for release, and both show great promise.

A major shift in RPGs over the years has been the MMO (massive multiplayer online) variety. This has given birth to not only collaborative experiences for players but also put afterburners under the burgeoning diversion of esports. This means fans of MMOs are both players and spectators, and the special popularity of this RPG genre has helped make it a top pick for players around the world. Despite what the media might think, video games have been bigger than Hollywood for years now, so it’s no surprise to find the top RPGs have inspired many existing online casino games.

Using Free Spins Bonus Mechanics to Get Ahead

Whether it’s using cheat codes or taking advantage of New Game Plus modes to blast through enemies, using smart tactics and making the most of an edge is something gamers know all about. The same applies to online casino gaming, although the way free spin bonuses work is a little different mechanically. Some slots offer free spins as part of their inherent gameplay, but online casinos can also provide free spins as a new player and recurring player bonuses. All the ins and outs can be found in this detailed free spins bonus guide, but the basics are common across the board and easily understood. More often than not, free spins apply to a single game, but sometimes there will be a choice. In this case, focus on the games with the highest rate of return (RTP – return to player). Expiry dates tend not to be a problem but should always be checked to ensure that you do not accidentally trip over a deadline. And while bonuses do eventually become outdated, there’s a timeless quality to the best RPGs that can lead to popularity lasting for years or even decades.</p>

Top RPG Picks for Future Casino Games

While slots inspired by MMOs are all the rage, and there are other video game slots from the likes of Lara Croft and Resident Evil, there are still plenty of RPGs yet to make the leap to online casino games. One that would undoubtedly become a swift favorite of players would be if FFVII made the transition. Already an enduring classic, FFVII also benefits from instantly recognizable characters, including Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Red XIII, and Sephiroth.</p>

While The Witcher’s TV series has been underwhelmed, the books remain in high demand, and The Witcher 3 is one of the greatest RPGs ever made, so there’s obvious potential here. Not only that but the Gwent card game could also be translated into a slots version (and the fact it has four separate decks just adds to the potential).

Examples of Top MMORPG Slots

The rise of eSports and MMOs among players has made them among the most popular games in the world, and increasing numbers of slots versions are available at the best UK free spins casinos.

Dota – Dota is one of the big beasts of the esports and MMORPG genres and has inspired this eponymous slot. Developed by Smartsoft Gaming, Dota features a standard five reels and 20 paylines, and the music and art style is brimming with MMO flavor. Plus, free spins are heading your way when at least three ogre magi show up on the reels.

 League of Champions– Inspired by esports giant League of Legends, League of Champions is a slot game created by Top Trend Gaming for casino gamers who are also into MMOs. There are no fewer than 1,024 ways to win, with wilds showing up on reels 2 and 4 to increase the chance of finishing ahead.

Champions of Mithrune – Put together by software developer Play’n Go, Champions of Mithrune taps into the spirit of League of Legends and similar games. Champions appear on the reels, each bringing their own perks, and battle one another during free spins. And there are wild and scattered symbols, too.

Champion Arena – Developed by Cyber Slot, Champion Arena is inspired by Apex Legends. Robots and sci-fi-style warriors festoon the reels with a 90s superhero feel. Five reels and 20 paylines are pretty standard, and if three scatters appear, then the player gets a bundle of free spins.

Treasure Craft – Cyber Slot also put together Treasure Craft, a Warcraft-inspired slot with an unorthodox 5 row, 5 reel playing area, and commensurately larger than usual 40 paylines. Wilds and free spins help to spice up the gameplay.

To Sum Up

RPG video games are poised to continue inspiring and influencing casino software providers in the foreseeable future. The immersive narratives, character development, and engaging gameplay found in RPGs captivate players, creating a solid emotional connection and driving their desire for more interactive experiences. Casino software providers recognize the potential of integrating RPG elements into their games to enhance player engagement and retention. Video games have never been bigger, and the number of casino slots inspired by them will only grow in the future.

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