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surviving mars

Surviving Mars is a survival video game developed by the Bulgarian company Haemimont Games Ltd and released by Paradox Interactive. It is released on Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It will be the most anticipated survival video game for years. The game promises to be high tech, action-packed, virtual reality experience. It will allow players to live in the Martian colony and do what they have always done while struggling against the hostile aliens. You’ll have a lot of fun surviving on Mars!

Surviving Mars Game trailer

Surviving Mars gameplay

This is the premise of Surviving Mars: The Colonist. As you follow the video tutorial story, you find out that you have been chosen to survive and work on a colony ship. The strange new environment of the planet has forced your crew to take on board oxygen pills and risk their lives. They are now on their way to discovering whether or not the earth has the oxygen needed to sustain humans.

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Brief of Surviving Mars gameplay

In this paragraph, this game is different from the others in the genre. It takes the idea of colonizing Mars and makes it a living, breathing world. In this video game, you will have to help the other colonists fight off the red planet’s inhabitants. Most of your goal is to make it to the equator and help the other crews to reach the stars, but the real reason for doing so is so that you can learn more about the true nature of this red planet.

Haemimont Games have given your mission to Survive, Preserve, and Protect, the Surviving Mars creators. The storyline takes place in the 20th century USA during the early days of the space race. You will be part of the first human colony on another planet. Player have to play as one of the last colony members, and you will face many challenges in this interactive game. You will only survive if you can stop the spread of a virus that attacks the other colonies.

One of the most important decisions you will have to make is whether to send out a distress beacon or not. This will mark the beginning of the video game’s mission, and it will also mark the end of your colony. The player must carefully make these choices because the life of all the other crew members and the entire space station is at stake. If the player does not complete the video game tasks, then the whole thing will come to an abrupt halt, and you will be forced to start the entire process all over again.

Surviving Mars system requirements

  • CPU: Intel i5 5th gen @ 2.7Ghz or AMD A10 7th gen @ 3.0Ghz.
  • OS: Windows 7 Service Pack 1.
  • VIDEO CARD: Nvidia GTX 750 Ti or AMD R7 265.
  • SOUND CARD: Sound: 11 compatible.
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