The Transition from Board Game to Virtual: What to Expect from Online Carrom?

What to Expect from Online Carrom
What to Expect from Online Carrom

There are various online games that you can play on virtual platforms. However, some games bring back the most beautiful memories of our lives. Yes, you guessed it correctly. We are talking about carrom.

All of us have grown up playing this fantastic board game. Whether at picnics or clubs, carrom has been an integral part of our society. It is a fun-filled game, and it brings the families together on beautiful evenings. While some might recollect memories of playing carrom at their ancestral houses with cousins, others would still gain from the strokes that their grandparents have taught them. We have made friends over this game! We have fought with friends or siblings for this game. Click here for carrom board download.

It is a very nostalgic game that originated in India. However, given the current situation, most people prefer online carrom. With the increase of usage of online carrom, you can also attribute it to cheap mobile data, access to mobile phones, and the Super busy lives that we lead these days. Carrom can keep you engaged for hours.

Do you remember how you rub powder on carrom boards before playing? Or how your sister used to cheat every time while playing this game? We are sure that all these brought back fresh memories and you are smiling looking at the screen.

This blog will talk about carrom and expect from the online version. Generally, online carrom is played between 2-4 players. You can either invite any of your close ones through links or challenge random opponents through the Internet. Before playing online carrom, you should know which carrom men carry how many points. This way, you can win the game easily. The game requires a lot of patience, precision, and execution.

Your level of expertise also depends on your strategy. The game can be fascinating and entertaining, and you get to relive your childhood. The transition of this beautiful board game to the online version is quite interesting. The coronavirus crisis has undoubtedly led to the surge.

So many families have connected through this game at get-togethers and parties. Now we will talk about the kind of expectations you should have from online carrom.

(1) The same thrill: One of the first things that we would like to mention is that you will get to have the same amount of excitement and joy as you had while playing the board game version. You can join cash contests, play free tournaments, and have so much fun.

(2) The right attitude: While playing the online version of carrom, you should have the right kind of attitude. The game is for leisure and entertainment. So if you have the right attitude, you will go a long way. Also, do not focus too much on winning because that would entirely spoil the mood.

(3) Striking styles: Improve your carrom game strategy by learning and using various striking styles. In this regard, you should know that there are six different types of unique techniques. For example, you can use the thumb style, the middle fingerstyle, the index fingerstyle, and more. We have a separate article on this topic as well.

(4) Accurate speed: Accurate speed can help you gain leverage while plotting the carrom men. The right amount of force and speed can seal it for you. While choosing opponents, be extremely wise.

Take it slow: You can play the free games at first before heading on to the cash tournaments. The best part about online carrom is that it helps you socialize without being a part of the crowd. So you can maintain social distancing while playing this game at home.


To wrap it up, carrom is an excellent game, and it also helps to improve your concentration level.
It is full of fun and entertainment. If you have been missing your parents or close ones because of social distancing, it is a great way to bond with them again through this game. It is always a brilliant idea to stay at home right now and indulge in these nostalgic and straightforward games. It will refresh your mind and is a quick escapade as well. If you are suffering from work-from-home Blues, these games can help.

If you are not a very social person and want to spend the weekend at peace, then online carrom games are the perfect solution for you. You get to talk with fellow carrom enthusiasts as well. Furthermore, these platforms are wonderful to try out other games, such as fantasy cricket matches, fantasy football, chess, etc. In addition, there are different kinds of card games that you can try. These are all skill-based games, and the more you practice, the better it is for you.

Carrom has an established fanbase, and its popularity is increasing even more now. You can compete with different people every time and learn new strategies. It exercises your mind and enhances your concentration. If you have been leading a reckless life, it can make you disciplined. You can connect with like-minded people, which is a beautiful way to bond with strangers.

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