Granny Chapter 2 Download For PC

Granny Chapter 2 Download For PC
Granny Chapter 2 Download For PC

Every gamer likes to play horror video games on Windows devices. Do want to thrilling experience by playing horror video games? Granny Chapter 2 Download for PC is world world-famous horror adventure video game for Windows 7 and 10 devices. Your main role-play in this game is that you have to save your grandparents as they are under the influence of bad influence. Also, this game was developed and published by DVloper and DVapps AB. Gamers can play this game on various platforms such as Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows. Interested users can use it our direct link to download Granny Chapter 2 for the PC full version. 

Details of Granny Chapter 2 full game

Game NameGranny Chapter 2
Release6 September 2019
DeveloperDVloper, DVapps AB
PublisherDVloper, DVapps AB
PlatformAndroid, iOS, Windows
GenreHorror, Adventure

Gameplay of Granny Chapter 2 Download For Windows 10

Welcome to our Granny Chapter 2 gameplay, here we’ll discuss how can you play this game on your device. At the beginning of Chapter 2, you have been transferred to Grandfather’s room. And the game will start in a dark room. The door of my grandfather’s house has been locked with different locks. In the game, you have to search the entire house and find stuff to fill the house. During this time you will have to walk home carefully. Because grandmother hears everything. And grandfather can’t hear. But he keeps roaming around the house in the dark. If Grandfather sees you then it is safe for you to run away.

Whenever you walk in the house or drop something on the floor, grandmother hears that sound. And she runs and reaches that place. Apart from this, you will have to stay away from the trap. At home you can hide it inside the cupboard and under the bed. You have to take care that he doesn’t see you while hiding. There is also a way to avoid it. Under the house you will find an old boat. If you are successful in opening the door. So you can avoid that path. Apart from this, you can use different types of weapons present in the house and protect yourself. If you like the gameplay then you can download it with the help of direct download links.

Screenshot of Granny 2 Download PC Windows 7

Granny Chapter 2 Download For PC
Granny Chapter 2 Download For PC
Granny Chapter 2 Download For PC

How to Download Granny Chapter 2 For PC

If you want to find the Granny Chapter 2 for pc on your device. Follow the step-by-step process given below.

(1) First, you can go to the oceanofgamesu official site.

(2) this is one of the most popular websites to provide games for free.

(3) in this website, you can search for this game.

(4) lots of gaming results show on your dashboard.

(5) Click on the first post on your screen.

(6) Scroll down to the complete article and you can see the download button below.

(7) Click on the download button. In this process, you can download granny chapter 2 For PC games. 

How to Install Granny Chapter 2 PC Full Version 

We’ll discuss a small installation process for this game. Kindly follow and apply on your Windows device. 

(1) Download Granny 2 For PC from here and go to the download storage on your pc device.

(4) Now, you need to extractor to extract your downloaded zip file.

(5) Add the file key and click on the install button.

(6) within 5 to 6 seconds, your installation process will be done.

(7) now, you can easily play this game on your device.

Granny Chapter 2 System Requirements

Minimum System Requirement:

  • RAM: 4 GB
  • OS: Windows 10 or higher.
  • Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 5770
  • Hard Disk Space: 870 MB
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-750

People Also Ask

Q.1: Can I Play Granny 2 in offline mode?

The Granny 2 is the most viral horror video game that allows you to play the game in offline mode. No need for high internet connections to play this game. 

Q.2: Is Granny Chapter 2 free? 

Yes, You can download and install Granny 2 video game for free. Use our download link and get this game free of cost. 

Q.3: What is the size of Granny Chapter 2 on PC?

The maximum size of the Granny 2 game is 870 MB. first, you can clear the required space on your system after that play this game. 

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