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immortals fenyx rising

The Immortals Fenyx Rising video game was released on  December 3, 2020. Immortals Rising promises to be a highly memorable title for those that enjoy the engaging stories of classic RPGs and video games with an impressive cast of voiceovers. Take a chance with this one, as it is sure to be a winner among fantasy fans. No doubt about it – the next video game will be a hit.

Immortals Fenyx Rising game trailer

Immortals Fenyx Rising gameplay

The storyline revolves around a warrior, Fenyx, who has fallen from heaven after battling demons. Now he must find his way back into the world and start a new life in Ageo. Ageo is a land where everything is possible. To save his family’s future, he must find the legendary Immortals Fenyx Rising and use it to return to earth and continue fighting. You can check out the official Immortals Fenyx Rising website for more information about the Game and the exciting upcoming release. 

The story of Immortals Fenyx Rising is set several decades after an epic battle that changed the world’s face. When the Xel’name created the world, they called paradise. However, when chaos reigned, many angels lost their wings and became trapped within the cracks of the world. This weakened the Xel’name, and they needed a powerful being to rebuild their ranks. Their selection of humans was flawed as most did not have the purity required to become angels and were consequently thrown into the cracks once more.

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Player role

In the Game, players take on the role of Fenyx, a young warrior who has just returned from his travels, and who is now looking for his missing brothers. He seeks out assistance from three of the godlike beings he met during his journey, namely Kradu, Elune, and Valkia. Together, they help forge a path through the cracks in the world, using the pillars of stone to strengthen their resolve and drive home their faith. This faction of the Immortals fenyx rising takes place in the land of Pandaria, the beautiful continent where elves, Tauren, and jungle creatures co-exist in harmony.

The Immortals Fenyx Rising video game is a breathtaking experience. From the beginning, the Game’s incredible attention to detail creates a sense of realism. As you explore the world and take on various characters’ role. You are thrust into a world of magic and wonder. Its filled with powerful characters that range from traditional mythological creatures to powerful mortal enemies. You can download the game from here. Friday night funkin download pc game to play another action game on single-player gaming mode.

Immortals Fenyx Rising system requirements

  • Operating System Windows 7 (64-bit versions).
  • Processor AMD FX 6300 @ 3.5 Ghz or Intel Core i5-2400 @ 3.1 Ghz.
  • RAM 8GB (Dual-channel setup).
  • Video card AMD R9 280x (3 GB) or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (2 GB).
  • Hard Drive 28GB available storage. Sound Card DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card with latest drivers.
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